Supra kabel audio USB A-B

Kode: SU-36900

USB 2.0 A-B

kr290,00kr490,00 inkl. MVA

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SUPRA USB 2.0 Cable

High Performance, High Speed, type A-B

A flexible cable with dual screens for the best RF pick-up protection. One twisted pair for data and one twisted pair for power, individual screens for minimal interference. Low capacitance and efficient noise rejection maintain?signal integrity in the long run interconnects. PE-insulated wires with correct 90 Ohms impedance
design.?24K gold plated and shielded connectors.
The connectors are molded to withstand tough
applications and long term use. Handles high speed
1200 Mbps data transfer up to 15m.?
While USB 2.0 and 3.0 are compatible, USB 3.0 is a dual-link system not used for USB Audio.




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